Why choose Plug+Charge?

At Plug+Charge we have over 4 years experience of installing electric car charging facilities. We provide expert guidance on the best charging option for your circumstances and we only supply leading makes of chargers from UK suppliers, all with a 3 year warranty on equipment and labour:

+ Expertise to assist in choosing the right charging solution

+ All charging units have been selected for their quality and are manufactured in the U.K.

+ Full installation manuals are provided 

+ NICEIC and OLEV authorised installer

+ Full service contracts available

+ Assistance with grant applications

Green Revolution

The green revolution has become a permanent feature of our country’s political agenda and we are all beginning to feel the implications on our day to day lives.

National and city governments are preparing to ban new petrol and diesel cars; manufacturers are rapidly switching production to electric, and the number of plug-in cars on our roads is going up and up. The electric vehicle revolution is here to stay.

This shift to electric cars, while by no means a panacea to the challenges facing us all, is fantastic news both for reducing air pollution and tackling climate change.

But with such a rapid pace of change, people naturally have a lot of questions. How can we power this electric car revolution? Can the grid take it? What does this mean for carbon emissions?

About Plug+Charge

At Plug+Charge we know that many people and businesses are keen to embrace cleaner and greener ways of living and working but find the complexity of solutions available confusing.

At Plug+Charge we are dedicated to providing expert, honest and friendly advice to help you make the right decision, matched with the appropriate grant funding.  

We will help you choose your solution, install, commission and maintain it. We will provide instruction and assist with any paperwork to claim your grant.